Construction Monkey

- Software Built for Construction Crews

Simplify the Process of Capturing What Happened

is cloud-based software built especially for construction crews on the jobsite.  If field employees don't like or understand how to operate software, they will not use it correctly or at all.  simplifies the process of capturing data.  Instead of capturing data from each individual employee, captures data from each crew and the activity or activities they worked on that day…all from only one screen of entering data.

Quick, but Detailed

Using , crews only spend about 2 ½ minutes a day:

Compare that to what Foreman and their crew spend now, and it’s easy to justify how will allow your crews to spend less time documenting what happened, and more time installing work.

No Training Needed!

is so intuitive, that no training is required.  Construction Monkey can set up your project today for your project crews to start using tomorrow.

Construction Monkey