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- Foreman Time Savings Calculator

So what value can offer to you and your company? Below is a simple calculator that only deals with the time savings of the Foreman on the project. There are so many other benefits to the project that the savings just multiply from the numbers below. The numbers we present for are actual numbers based on our current client's experience and should be indicative of your results.

What is the Project Length? months, which is about weeks
What is the Average Crew Size? workers
  Task Duration Project Totals Savings
Traditional Method Traditional Method
Employee Time Card Entry (Daily)
Daily Job Reports (Daily)
Weekly Planner (Weekly)
Time Card Submission (Weekly)
Weekly Summary
Time Savings:/week Cost:/week Savings:/week

Immeasurable Benefits
Task Your Method
Remembering and communicating what happened into the daily job report Automatic ?
Tracking Production Units Automatic An Hour Weekly?
Tracking Events (adverse weather, trade stacking, rework, areas not ready, etc.) Automatic An Hour Weekly?
Calculating Events actual cost impact on your work Automatic 4+ Hours?
Tracking time and quantities for work directives Automatic An Hour Weekly?
Providing accurate data to the team for cost to complete reporting Automatic 4+ Hours?
Providing accurate data to back-up change orders Automatic At Least an Hour
Creating Measure Mile Analysis for Claim Negotiations Automatic Over 100 hours?
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Savings Per week is based on $60.00 per hour total burdened costs for Foreman