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Duct Bank Calculation

Duct Bank Calculator

Need to install a duct bank and want to get the particulars? Simply enter in the information below and Construction Monkey will calculate the trench sizes, backfill, and excavation requirements.

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Depth of Duct Bank:
Depth Measured from Grade to:
Number of Conduits Wide:
Number of Conduits High:
Type of Conduit:
Size of Conduits:
Spacing of Conduits
Spacing Measured
Length of Duct Bank:
Type of Fill Around Conduits:
Minimum Concrete Coverage on Top:
Minimum Concrete Coverage on Bottom:
Minimum Concrete Coverage on Left:
Minimum Concrete Coverage on Right:
Duct Bank Width: 38.0 in |  3 feet 2 inches
Duct Bank Height: 21.0 in |  1 feet 9 inches
Trench Depth: 57.0 in |  4 feet 9 inches
Volume of Excavation: Help 1,504.2 ft3 |  55.7 yd3
Volume of Concrete: Help 465.8 ft3 |  17.3 yd3
Volume of Backfill: Help 950.0 ft3 |  35.2 yd3
Volume of Duct Bank: Help 554.2 ft3 |  20.5 yd3
Volume of Spoils: Help 554.2 ft3 |  20.5 yd3
Volume of Conduit: Help 88.4 ft3 |  3.3 yd3

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No guarantees are made as to the accuracy of the calculation or compliance with local codes.  Verify all calculations with a professional engineer. If you find an error, or have a suggestion, please send us an email.