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Need to quickly figure out the earned revenue for a project or the average manloading? This easy and simple calculator can provide you with weekly manpower needs for a project as well as monthly earned revenue numbers given the start and end date, the total contract amount and the budgeted hours.

You can also adjust the normal daily working hours and decide if your project will be working on holidays or not. Fill in the information below and click "Generate Projection" to get your project's projection.

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Enter information above and click on the "Generate Projection" button to get your project projection.

Productivity Tracking, Simply Done

Field Management Solution

Tracking Productivity is the key for winning on Construction Projects, but Tracking it is difficult. Construction Monkey makes Tracking Productivity fast and easy, so every job is a winner.

No guarantees are made as to the accuracy of the calculation or compliance with local codes.  Verify all calculations with a professional engineer. If you find an error, or have a suggestion, please send us an email.