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Get out of just collecting data and into an easy, superior, and complete construction process.

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Construction Monkey's solution, , is a web app for self-performing contractors to know how their projects are performing in real time. It highlights how productivity is being impacted, allowing project teams to immediately adjust and increase production.

Utilizing a singular simple data entry that takes our clients less than 3 minutes/day, replaces several best practices that otherwise eat up valuable time. Thouroughly researched and tested, the simple process absorbed by crews using is proven to change how employees view their projects and drive precise thinking while saving hours in the field and office every week.

Superior Process.

Construction Monkey has developed a superior process based on the industry's proven best practices. Executing a superior process = improved profits and more predictable results.

Real-Time Data.

Construction Monkey is a world class web based solution. You can get your information in real-time, anywhere in the world.

Because it is a SaaS, we can get you running immediately without you worrying about buying software, servers, or handling backups and redundancy.

Increased Production.

Construction Monkey is specifically designed to improve your production. Not just for the office, it is designed to improve your production in the field - Where it counts the most!

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McCain Construction
Phoenix, AZ
Guild Electric Limited
Toronto, ON
Nextep Electric, Inc.
Miami, FL

Construction Monkey's solution, , is a web app for contractors to track and monitor their bidding and work procurement activities. Built by contractors, we understand the sales process in construction and is designed to work the way you work. You know how to bid work, but are you tracking the metrics to make sure that you are bidding the right projects with the best chance of success?

Win More Work.

provides automated historical data from your previous bids that allows you to make better decisions when bidding similar projects. Statistical data by project type, location, owner, customers, competitors, and more.

Save Time.

allows your team to spend less time in meetings, updating bid calendars in outlook or updating bid lists on spreadsheets. Add or update your projects in one location, and let do the rest for you.

Measure Performance.

lets you know instantly how you are performing with each of your customers and against your competitors, allowing you to better prepare when bidding to the customer or against the competitor.