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Simple One-Click Completion with Greater Accuracy

It’s tough for a Foreman to remember everything that happened during the day and take the time to write it all down on the daily report. Our process captures information directly from the source, the crew leaders in charge of installing work. We simply push data from other sources already being completed daily. All a foreman has to do is review, edit as desired, and save. Work completed, conditions encountered, notes, photos, and more all organized down to the task and area of the project are already on the daily report.

100% of respondents to our user survey say that our Daily Job Reports is the easiest method for generating Daily Job Reports that they have tried.

What about weather?

You bet! Weather (morning, noon, and afternoon) is auto-populated onto the daily report based on the jobsite's geographic location.

How fast?

The average time for our users to fill out daily reports using Construction Monkey is only 2 minutes 48 seconds with greater accuracy than other solutions.

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More than a Daily Report

The real value of Construction Monkey is we have built a superior process based on industry best practices that doesn’t just give you daily reports. The same 3 minutes/day it takes to enter data to create your daily job reports also automatically provides your project team with:

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