Construction Monkey

A System That Improves the Process

The process for capturing all the time and quantities associated with additional work directives on a construction jobsite can be time consuming and difficult to stay on top of.  You may either have a big binder of paper work directives or a spreadsheet that needs updating.  It gets hard to know if time is being charged correctly.  has a better method for capturing and tracking all the work directives for your project.

Make it Simple

Through our one screen point of capturing data (the activity card), each crew can assign a work directive to any task they worked on while charging time and quantities to the appropriate phase/task code in the budget. From there, access all project work directives with a click of a button to see all the time and quantities spent on each directive. breaks it down even further by showing the dates, areas, tasks, employees, and hours spent on each. Work directives automatically populate into the Daily Job Reports for you to choose whether to show your customer how many workers and hours were spent working on each work directive that day.

allows you more time to get work done instead of spending time tracking or finding information on additional work directives.

Construction Monkey