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Electrical Feeder Calculator

Need to get the code required feeder for a specific ampacity and circuit requirements?

Enter the information below to select the circuit specifications and get your feeder calculated automatically.

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Voltage Drop Information1

Maximum Length5
2% Voltage Drop
3% Voltage Drop
5% Voltage Drop
Construction Monkey

Great Companies Depend on Consistent and Superior Processes

Companies need to have consistent, great processes. Contractors have unique challenges compared to other businesses due to their workforce being spread across multiple jobsites, making consistency difficult to achieve. Unlike other software for contractors, Construction Monkey is built as a superior process that is field focused. What does field focused mean? Our software is designed to make it easy for the field to use and more than just collecting or reporting data, it is built around a superior field management process!

No guarantees are made as to the accuracy of the calculation or compliance with local codes.  Verify all calculations with a professional engineer. If you find an error, or have a suggestion, please send us an email.