Construction Monkey

Measure and Improve Production

is your answer to tracking production on your construction projects. We make tracking production and measuring performance easy and beneficial to all that use, most importantly your field crews. Data entry takes no more time than crews typically spend filling out time cards today while getting more than just "hours worked."

Making it Easy & Useful

has one-screen for capturing data for an entire crew for each task they work on, so capturing quantities installed is a breeze. Data is captured by each crew leader in a unique proven way that benefits them to provide correct and thorough information, promoting accuracy. At the click of the button, see real-time production values for each project task compared to budget, the previous week, and job-to-date. Not only that, you can see how reoccurring conditions impact your project’s production and have accurate data for forecasting labor-to-complete.

“I have found this tool to be the best method of tracking production that I have seen in my 45 years in the Electrical Industry.”

– Senior Project Manager for Top 5 Electrical Contractor in US

More than Real-time Production

The real value of Construction Monkey is we have built a superior process based on industry best practices that doesn’t just give you real-time production. In the same time it takes to enter data for tracking production, your project teams will also get:

Construction Monkey