Construction Monkey


Works the Way You Work

collects data in a way that is different and much easier than typical contruction software. Work on a construction project is typically installed by a crews (not one worker) working on individual tasks. Why do we ask each employee to fill out an individual time card when that can cause several issues like charging time to incorrect cost codes, doubling up on quantities installed, and more? Use and you won't have to worry about remembering what cost code to use for installing conduit (as an example) because crew leaders just select what their crew worked on and where they worked from simple drop-down menus.

Capture Data from One Screen

captures data from only one screen of data entry. This point of entry, known as the Activity Card, captures data by crew (not individual) and automates many other tasks and reports project crews should be doing now. These normally time consuming tasks include:

completes all of these tasks while only requiring 2-1/2 minutes per crew. Compare that to the time currently wasted completing these tasks! Your crews will love it and learn quickly; in fact, 90% of current users were not trained, and picked it up just by logging in .

Superior Process.
Real-time Data.
Peak Productivity.

provides you with the keys to consistently improve project productivity.


Superior Process.

Integrate industry best practices.

Save time by combining dated methods into one simple entry.

Empower project teams to improve performance.


Real-time Data.

Know your project performance.

Learn what's working and what's not.

Improve the outcome.

Peak Productivity.

Identify the cause of good & poor production.

Stop conditions from negatively impacting productivity.

Improve install methods & estimates.