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Working Harder Not The Best Solution

For construction contractors (typically subcontractors) performing the labor, money is made or lost in the amount of work being installed per hour charged to the job (productivity).

Most workers move and work at a reasonable pace, and working harder is temporary and isn’t the best way to improve productivity over the duration of a project.

Manage the Work Process

provides you with a system to manage your installation process by providing data from your project crews to affect the outcome of the project. Your project team will be able to:

  • Plan work with an easy-to-use weekly planner, and get automatic daily plan production targets to drive results.
  • Determine what crew sizes and installation methods improve production.
  • Measure real-time production rates, and compare to the budget, last week, and job-to-date.
  • Provide production data to improve estimating for the next project or change order.

Fix or Be Compensated for Adverse Work Conditions

Certain work conditions can impact productivity. makes it easy for project crews to track work conditions and automatically show you data in easy-to-read reports that allow your project team to:

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