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Where are the true Masters in Construction?  I am not talking about those that have ventured out to get a Masters License in their prospective trade, I mean real masters.  American culture and probably world wide to some extent has moved us away from becoming masters at what we do.  Marketing pushed to us is stated as "buy this or do this and get an instant result".  We start to believe that in a very short period of time or with a simple purchase we can master a skill or problem quickly and easily.  Well that is not true.

Is your organization geared to train masters?  Whether we are talking about estimators, project managers, or craftsmen do you have the training system put in place to create mastery?  Mastery requires good training and practice.  Not just a little practice, but a lot of practice.  It requires a teacher reviewing the student's progress and providing correction and feedback on a continual basis.

If there is one thing in life and business that will make you successful and happy, it is mastery.  It does not come easy.  It does not happen with a quick software purchase, an employee hire, or a consultant agreement, it happens through a lifestyle committment to being the best.  Sure the little things will help.  Purchasing golf clubs will help in being a master at golf, but it won't make you one.  Only hard work, practice, and learning will allow you to achieve mastery.

Take a look at your business and your career.  Are you a Master at what you do?  Are you set-up to become a Master?  Trust me that if you answer yes, you will weather the current economic storm and will strive to the highest levels of success.  People like winners, but the admire Masters.

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Craig Pierce

Craig Pierce has been working in the construction industry for the past 25 years helping subcontractors master their trade. Currently he is President of Atalanta Enterprises which provides consulting services to contractors And software solutions through