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Customer service in a service industry is the key to success.  As specialty contractors, the service we provide is sometimes the only thing that makes us different than our competitors.  So what is Customer Service?  I would have to assume that everyone is doing the big things like answering the phone, being polite, responding when you should respond, wearing appropriate clothing in Customer's offices, etc.  I am not sure I would even consider them part of Customer Service anymore, they are pre-qualifiers or the norm.

So what then is Customer Service?  The little things.  Your clients want you to care about them and their needs.  By having people that really do care about your clients and show it via little things will make the difference.  Some examples of smaller things that mean a lot:
  • While you are walking through a Customer's parking lot, stopping and picking up a piece of trash that is blowing across their property and properly disposing of it.
  • Ensuring that your shoes are either clean or in some cases removed as you enter a client's business or home.
  • Providing price breakouts of value engineering without being asked when you know the budget will be tight.
  • Helping a client unload a truck of supplies on site even though it is not in your scope
There are hundreds of examples and I could go on and on, but I think the point is made.  By doing a couple of small things, you will set yourself apart.  The client will remember you above all others as the guy who took that little extra effort that mattered to them.

Do yourself a favor and discuss with your employees the little things that they can do to treat your customers a little bit better.  By doing so, winning the next bid may not be as difficult.

Good luck, and if there is anything I can do for you, please email me at

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