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bidHD Project List

bidHD Project List

automatically gathers information from the projects added to your pipeline to create your Project List (located in the Reports menu).  Quickly view important project information for all of the projects entered into .  Easily filter the list to see only the projects you are interested in viewing.

Sample Project List

Project List

Project List Explained:

  1. Project Info: From left to right, view the current Status/Probability, Project Team, Project Name/Location/Type, Estimated Revenue/Hours, Customers, and Important Dates for each project.  Each piece of data is easily changed directly from this page...just click on the edit icon next to the item.
  2. Icons: Quickly identify whether a project is for award, funded, or if it is a target project!  You can also add project comments by clicking on the blue comment icon.
  3. Filter Data: Filter your project list by Team Member, Area (office or profit center), Funding status, or Project Type.
  4. Download: Download your project list into Microsoft Word.  Great for estimator, bid, or sales meetings!
  5. Sort: Sort your Project List by Bid, Award, or Start Dates by clicking on your selection in the header.  Click again to change from ascending to descending order.

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