Construction Monkey


Risk Mitigation

Construction is messy and risks lie around every corner. When these risks materialize, more times than not they will hinder your productivity affecting your profitability, schedule, and manpower resources. Other trades in the way, work areas not ready for your installation, unplanned work required by your client, high work, just to name a few. It’s important to be aware of them and minimize the impact they have on your project.

Measured Mile

Prove Project Impacts Easily

Not only know the moment a condition is impacting your crews, know the cost to your project in a couple clicks. Construction Monkey makes it easy to monitor your greatest risk and get paid for conditions beyond your control or scope.

Measured Mile Forecasting

Easily Calculate Lost Hours on Future Work

Not only know what is impacting you and the cost to your projects now, easily forecast the number hours your projects can expect to lose if your crews continue to be impacted by conditions like other trades in the way, cluttered jobsite, weather, etc.

provides you with the keys to consistently improve project performance.

Subcontractor Experts

Subcontractor Experts

Knowledgeable support and setup staff.

Expertise in your line of work, not just our software.

Insructing your team to maximize outcomes.

Superior Process

Superior Process

Integrate industry best practices.

Save time by combining dated methods into one simple entry.

Empower project teams to improve performance.

Smart Conalytics™

Smart Conalytics™

Identify the cause of good & poor production.

Stop conditions from negatively impacting productivity.

Improve install methods & estimates.