Construction Monkey

Consolidated Data to Improve Your Business

not only provides project teams with the data they need to succeed, it also provides Executives, Chief Estimators, Construction Managers, and Superintendents secure access to company data consolidated from all your company's projects. Consolidated data helps determine manpower needs and provides production information to improve estimating.

Weekly Planner

Take a look across all of your projects to see what your total manpower requirements are as the project teams are planning them on their individual projects. This will allow you to forecast better and fine tune with your project staff what they are trying to get accomplished, so that your manpower can be level.

Production Data

Want to see your average production on a given task code across several projects? Checking an estimate to see if it is reasonable or if it might have a mistake? Here you can view all your current and past projects' production values to easily accomplish this.

Time Cards

Payroll personnel can access real-time time cards for every employee from all the projects with this report. No more waiting for each project to fax, scan, or email time cards for every employee on every project. No more time wasted for every project to submit time cards to payroll. It's a win for all!

Construction Monkey