Construction Monkey

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has the tools to address many issues that affect today's complex construction projects.

We need more good employees.
Improve productivity by at least 5% which by definition is the equivalent of adding more employees. It has the added benefit of not requiring all of the costs and time associated with hiring new employees.
We need more profitable work.
Drive production in lieu of driving hours. Know what your company can actually produce enables estimating to more accurately adjust their units to real conditions.
We need to reduce project fade.
Know where your project is in real time. Have the data to address issues before they affect the bottom line.
We are having trouble getting paid for change orders.
Track scope and schedule changes down to the crew installing the task. Include changes automatically to the Daily Job Report. Have the data to back up your change order request.
My Foreman spends too much time doing paperwork.
Daily Reports, Time Cards, Impact Events, Weekly Planners, and much more are created automatically in the time it takes to fill out a time card.
We need to more accurately forecast our manpower needs.
Use the easy-to-use Look Ahead Planner to plan your project by activity using real-time hours remaining in the budget, hours spent, and hours already planned. Determine number of workers around work planned in lieu of planning work around the workers you have.
We need a better way to determine the labor needed to complete a project.
Get real-time data from your crews that gives you actual quantities installed, hours expended, and production values. View Project Manager Reports
We need to know how an event like trade stacking, adverse weather, installing conduit in CMU, etc., affects production.
Track events with ease. See event trends, and know how many hours the event costed or gained your crews with a click of the button.

Use to fix your issues while saving you time everyday and adding profits to your bottom line.

Construction Monkey