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- Mitigate Risk

Track and Reduce Your Exposure to Risk

Construction contractors, in particular subcontractors, are exposed to more risk than ever before due to the complexity of today’s construction projects.  While you can’t completely eliminate the risk, you can reduce exposure to the risk and the impact it has on your company.  Realizing and reducing risk will directly help your bottom line and keep you in business for years to come.  Using can help minimize a lot of these risks.

Changes in Schedule and/or Scope

To minimize this risk, you must document, document, document!  Since project changes occurr all the time for every trade on a project, it’s easy to lose track...the contractor that documents has a better chance of getting resolution or being compensated.  If the area isn’t ready for your crews, if there is trade stacking to make up for lost time, if your client demands additional workers, if your client says go ahead and do the work and we’ll pay you later, you need to write it all down and be prompt in notifying your customer before it spins out of control.

makes it easy for crews to document any adverse conditions that can impact their schedule or scope of work and notify your customer right away.

Increased Competition & Lower Margins

With increased competition and lower margins, the eye has to be on lowering costs and increasing productivity.  We must always be searching for the fastest and most cost effective method while making sure we are providing a quality product.

For the same time it currently takes to fill out time cards, allows crews to:

Not only will time be saved in the process, increases project productivity by automatically documenting project data in real-time to indentify the potential risks of the project, so you can notify clients and drive resolutions!  See how increasing productivity using can improve your margins.

For most subcontractors, most of the risk lies in the labor (around 50% of contract value).  It only makes sense to focus on productivity to improve profits is centered around labor productivity.

Aging Workforce & Finding Quality Employees

Is your company successful because of your quality employees?  What happens when those employees retire or no longer work for you?  The way a successful employee operates rarely gets handed down, and a company runs the risk of failing if they don’t have a system in place.  You need a system that can replicate a successful project over and over again that another employee can easily implement without relying on the employee who knew how to make projects profitable.

provides the mechanics to create a system that can minimize this risk.  is so easy to pick up and use right away with no training, while providing your company with automated tools that industry veterans in the field use to successfully manage projects!

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