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Construction is a process that is highly scientific. Does your company manage projects scientifically? The amount of data that is accumulated and what your crews must process is increasing everyday. Do you have a system and process that is driven on getting data quickly and sharing that data effectively with everyone? If you do, you can improve your performance dramatically.

has the tools to change the way your company operates, which will change the conversation and provide you will real results that will improve your performance.

Typical Conversation
Today was good.
What a great day! We installed 1,140 feet, which beat our goal of 800 feet.
Can't the GC schedule this project?
Today we were putting in fixtures, but the grid wasn't installed and there were 5 other subs in the same room. This cost us 14 hours of productive work.
The superintendent is moving us all over the project.
In the past week our productivity dropped by 5 feet per hour, and we are working in 5 areas in lieu of just 2 areas.
Next week we will get a lot done.
Next week we have a crew of 4 scheduled on the 2nd floor to install 900 feet of conduit.
Today I am going to work hard for 8 hours.
Today I will get 190 feet of conduit installed, which will beat the goal of 175 feet.
Tell me what happened on the project yesterday.
After reviewing Construction Monkey, I see that they are still stacking trades on you. What do you think is the best way to get this resolved so we can get our work done more productively?
We are bidding a project with a lot of high work, do you think an extra 10% will cover it?
Bringing up our past projects, I noticed that high work reduces our install rates by 13.2%. We need to get that into the bid so we won't lose money.

Begin changing the conversation in your company. will save you time everyday and add profits to your bottom line.

Construction Monkey