Construction Monkey

Quick Access to Your Project Leads

has several useful automated real-time reports to help manage your company's bid opportunities.

My Projects

  • A list of the logged-in user's active projects.
  • Easy to keep track of all of the projects assigned to you.
  • Color-coded to differentiate upcoming bids from past pending projects.
  • Track your win/loss success.

Bid List

  • View just the projects that are upcoming or potential bids.
  • No need to update this list, The Monkey will do it for you.

Project List

  • Displays all of the projects in your pipeline.
  • Filter the list by multiple criteria.

Map of Pipeline

  • See all projects in your pipeline and their respective location on a geographic map.

Pipeline Concerns

  • No more garbage in/garbage out.
  • The monkey guides you in projects that are of concern along with the potential problem.
  • Notifies your team to projects where the award passed - let's you know to call on and/or change the status of the outdated projects.
  • Notifies your team to projects where the start date has passed.

Construction Monkey