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Real-time project data for peak performance and peace of mind.

Improving the Lives of Subcontractors

Simple Software. Superior Process. Smart Conalytics™.

Smash Budgets with Daily Production Goals

Have daily huddles with your project crews? Let them know what's expected of them every day to help them maintain focus for peak productivity.

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Know the Labor Required to Finish the Project with Superior Accuracy

Real-time production data, job observations, and hours remaining in your budget are combined together in a proprietary algorithm to provide you with crazy accurate and up-to-date labor projections/forecasts in one-click.

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Check Estimates with Real-time Field Data

Quickly access real-time production data from current and past projects to check your estimates. Ensure you will not only win your next bid, but be profitable.

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Prove Project Impacts Easily

Not only know the moment a condition is impacting your crews, know the cost to your project in a couple clicks. Construction Monkey makes it easy to monitor your greatest risk and get paid for conditions beyond your control or scope.

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Save Time With Data Linking

Utilizing a singular simple data entry that takes less than 3 minutes/day, replacing several different forms that otherwise eat up valuable time. Gathered in the same way projects are built, data is linked to fill out time cards, daily reports, production reports, labor forecasts and more for you.

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Communicate One Version of the Truth with Scientific Accuracy

You don't have to rely on opinion alone. Easily and securely access data to reveal the truth of what's really happening on your projects.

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Win More Profitable Bids with Historical Data

Historical data from your previous bids and field data from current/past projects allows your preconstruction team to make better decisions. Win the projects that make more profit, and pass on the projects that you're better off not winning.

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Remove Surprises with a Future Impact Forecast

Not only know what is impacting you and the cost to your projects now, easily forecast the number hours your projects can expect to lose if your crews continue to be impacted by conditions like other trades in the way, cluttered jobsite, weather, etc.

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