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How to create a Daily Report

How to create a Daily Report

With , it's easy to create your daily job reports.  In fact, most of the information in the report is already filled out for you!  Construction Monkey utilizes information from the activity cards filled out by your crews to create an accurate, professional report in no time.

After your crews have entered their activity cards for the day, you can complete the daily report.

  1. Access the Calendar from the menu.
  2. Select Create Daily Report on the specific date you are creating the daily report for.
  3. Update any of the existing information (pulled automatically from the activity cards and the prior daily report), and add any other information or photos.
  4. Select Save Daily Report
  5. Download the report to a PDF file to deliver a professional detailed report with your logo on top of the page to your customer.

Access any saved Daily Job Reports by selecting Daily Reports from the Field Reports menu.