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Simple Solutions for Smart Subcontractors


An affordable preconstruction analytics solution for bid history, customer performance, and anticipated costs on your next project utilizing bid results and actual peformance.

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A powerful, affordable field performance solution for tracking labor productivity, time cards, daily reports, adverse work conditions, and mitigating claims.

Production Hours Tracked with
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Construction Monkey

About Construction Monkey

Established in 2009, Construction Monkey was built utilizing the latest technologies with a simple goal in mind to be easy, intuitive, and to help build successful construction subcontracting businesses. Unlike other systems, we did not build from the top down, but from the user up. Our systems are built for foreman and estimators to use, with the power that Project Managers and Executives demand.

Construction Monkey is run by former subcontractors who ran companies over varying sizes from very small businesses to large national firms. This is a unique position, as we know how subcontractors do business. We are not programmers who found the construction industry, we are construction people who developed a technology solution. Always with one goal in mind, Simple Solutions for Smart Subcontractors.