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Enter the Parameters Results
Depth of Duct Bank:
Depth Measured from Grade to:
Number of Conduits Wide:
Number of Conduits High:
Type of Conduit:
Size of Conduits:
Spacing of Conduits
Spacing Measured
Length of Duct Bank:
Type of Fill Around Conduits:
Minimum Concrete Coverage on Top:
Minimum Concrete Coverage on Bottom:
Minimum Concrete Coverage on Left:
Minimum Concrete Coverage on Right:
Duct Bank Width: 38.0 in |  3 feet 2 inches
Duct Bank Height: 21.0 in |  1 feet 9 inches
Trench Depth: 57.0 in |  4 feet 9 inches
Volume of Excavation: Help 1,504.2 ft3 |  55.7 yd3
Volume of Concrete: Help 465.8 ft3 |  17.3 yd3
Volume of Backfill: Help 950.0 ft3 |  35.2 yd3
Volume of Duct Bank: Help 554.2 ft3 |  20.5 yd3
Volume of Spoils: Help 554.2 ft3 |  20.5 yd3
Volume of Conduit: Help 88.4 ft3 |  3.3 yd3

No guarantees are made as to the accuracy of the calculation or compliance with local codes.  Verify all calculations with a professional engineer. If you find an error, or have a suggestion, please send us an email.
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Construction Monkey

Construction Monkey was started to fill a need in the construction industry that has been forming for several years. As the world has progressed, data has become critical in analyzing business so you can make decisions quickly. The complexities in construction lead to expensive systems that were difficult to learn and operate. We have developed cloud based construction software to resolve this issue at a fraction of the cost of most other systems, and our systems are learned in minutes not weeks. With all of the risk in construction, can you afford not to be using the latest technology?

bidHD and crewHD are our products that allow you to operate at in the 21st century without the costs.